FEISOL CT-3372LV Carbon-Fiber Tripod

I’ve always said the best way of trying something is through experience. And if you suffer a little bit -literally- you’ll see things from another perspective. I’m talking about me and the time I spent with my new friend: the Feisol CT-3372LV Carbon-Fiber tripod.

And nothing better for a relationship than a hard event to live through.

I had an assignment in Chile and just a few days before leaving home, I receive this beauty in the mail. Of course, I packed it right away and took it with me for testing it.

 I could definitely not believe what I saw when I open the box. Your first encounter will be a big carry bag that it will make you think of a golf bag. But believe it or not, it’s the most comfortable and useful tripod bag ever. Another good thing is that the bag allows you to carry your gear plus other little piece of equipment you need to take with you.

Once you unzip the bag you are ready to get your treasure.

The Feisol CT-3372LV is a masterpiece. It weighs nothing, light as air but sturdy as a rock once it has its legs open. It’s a three sections tripod that includes a detachable center column that allows you to set your camera in the way you need on an inclined surface. When you extend the legs you can notice its nice height. A seriously tall tripod. I’m 6 feet 1 so the tripod fits me like a glove.

The legs have twist-locks instead of flip-locks which in my opinion is better and makes me feel more confident when on site. As a matter of fact, twist-locks or flip-locks is just a personal preference. For some people, flip-locks are easier to work with and faster. In my case, twist-locks is what I need because I take my time setting up my gear. At the end of the day is you who decides which tripod and what specs are the best for you.

The fact the Feisol CT-3372LV is tall it gives you comfort: having your camera at this high is important for a tall person. The tripod legs are wide and circular which offers more stability and grip to the ground: “FEISOL’s new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology”. Remember: “Stability” is what you’re looking for in a tripod and stability is what you’ll get when you use the CT-3372LV.

The CT-3372LV is Feisol’s elite tripod. A very affordable tripod ($635.00) in comparison to other brands in the market that cost way too much and offer less. You can always purchase the tripod directly from their website: Feisol.net.

So here I am in Los Andes, near the Argentinean border on a windy day in a so difficult rocky place. Out of the blue, I lost my grip and fell, landing on my tail-bone which didn’t let me move. Once I realized what had just happened, I looked at my camera and tripod and I just closed my eyes. I broke a camera, a lens but the “Giant” or “Viking” as I call my tripod, was laying on the ground impeccable.

 I can tell I’ve been testing out the tripod for almost two months in different countries with complex weather conditions and the “Giant” is a tripod you can rely 100%. I encourage you to get the Feisol CT-3372LV and experience its versatility on every  terrain. A good tripod like the CT-3372LV will last for years with the proper cleaning and maintenance.

Of course the tripod was full of dirt and dust but I think the manufacturer thought of this and created a so easy to clean equipment. I will write how to clean the CT-3372LV in a new post. I really thought I would find tons of dirt inside the twist-locks but nothing. Cleaning the tripod was the most comfortable thing ever because disassemble it and put it back together is fast and easy.

Tech Specs

Max. Height: 152 cm / 59.80 inch

Max. Extended Height: 191 cm / 75.2 inch

Folded Length: 68 cm / 26.80 inch

Weight: 2.25 kg / 4.96 lb

Max. Leg Tube Diameter: 37 mm / 1.46 inch

Carbon Fiber

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