Get the Window Seat

One of those things you’ll never forget in life is the fact of taking the seat instead of the aisle on a flight trip.

Many people -including myself in years before- hate to feel trapped between a window and two complete strangers. And moreover, that precious time when you hear the call and the toilets seem so far away from your seat. Actually, going to the toilet becomes a really difficult task to accomplish.

Let’s be honest: it’s annoying to wake up those two other passengers, it’s kinda like a real pain in the arse and a very uncomfortable situation. And the funny thing is the way many people tell those two new strangers to move. Through the years and in a secret way, passengers created a secret language or dialect to not say words at all to John Doe next to you. And of course, going to the toilet it’s a private thing. But besides that inconvenience taking the seat is really worth it.

 As a photographer I tried to get that seat because the world you’ll see while airborne is a whole different world than the one you’re used to. From above everything looks amazing. Colors, shapes, textures, shadows, sunbeams, mountains, rivers, seas and oceans are the shotgunner you’d always want to travel with. What you experience looking through that little tiny window is just Hunter S. Thompson’s Dr. Gonzo or travelling with Kerouac On The Road.

No one  could ever possibly be able to describe what it feels like to witness the sunset in Panama City from above or the boiling sands of the Doha desert. It’s like when you’re landing in Menorca and you start seeing those black and white stripped lighthouses by the rocky cliffs. One of the beautiful scenes you might spot coming from the South to Copenhagen is the weird geometrical home area shapes in Malmö. Or the almighty  Øresund bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden over and underwater. So remember, just before the landing takes place at CPH airport you’ll feel the airplane moving in a vertical way, that’s the right time to see through the window if you’re sitting on the left side.  As well, one of the most idyllic views you might watch is the one you get just before landing in Phuket: a beautiful archipelago spreading all along the Gulf of Thailand. But if Majestic is the word you’re looking for, The Andes is the winner.

Autumn and Winter are the seasons to see a whole mountain chain covered in white. But if you come from Brazil or Argentina you’ll experience severe turbulence on board: that’s The Andes telling you how insignificant we are. Another bucketlist, once in a lifetime phenomenon to be witnessed from the sky, are the Northern Lights. If you get a flight passing through the Arctic via Copenhagen or Oslo you’ll have the chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis dancing on the right side of the plane. This happens once you are near the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. I’ve been to London many times but last December I was so lucky to see it from above during the blue hour. That postcard in my mind is one the best views I’ve had in a long time. Watching sunsets and sunrises from above give you a very new perspective and composition of what you’re normally used to see from below. The clouds create these huge layers of soft hues that extend for kilometres  in the sky.  So remember:  from now on  getting a seat on a plane doesn’t just  mean to be trapped but instead being on the first row and on the right side of the most incredible show you’ll ever see.

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