FEISOL CT-3372LV Carbon-Fiber Tripod

FEISOL CT-3372LV Review.
The Viking.
Best Tripod ever made.

The Atlantic Wall: “The Bunker Session”

The Atlantic Wall.
The Bunker Session.

Missing the “Hygge” effect

Almost 11 months Down Under the Down Under.
Living in a suitcase and taking pictures like a mean machine.
A few extra lines in my face that keep stories well hidden.
3500mts. in the middle of The Andes.

Denmark in 12 Photos

Denmark is a land of wonders. Photographer Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer shows us the beauty of Denmark through 12 amazing photographs: Denmark in 12 Photos To see more of Guiie’s photography visit: www.guiiesandgaardferrer.com. Twitter | Google+ |… Continue reading

Scandinavian Paradise

Scandinavian Paradise.
“Revealing” a specific location.
Reasons why I became a photographer.
A few rules I try to stick to .

O’ Denmark, My Denmark!

Meet the Hygge lifestyle.
Low lands and flat as a flapjack.
A challenging place for photographers.
Denmark is more than just Copenhagen.