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Father and Son

Father and Son.
Sydfyn, Denmark.
Magic Forests in Scandinavia.


Blue Wetlands

Blue Wetlands.
A Denmark not many people have seen.

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet.
Langeland, Denmark.
Fine-art photography.


Faaborg, Denmark.
Seascape Photography.
Landscape Photography.

Sydfyn: The Garden of Denmark

Hayo Magazine.
The Garden of Denmark.
The Little Nordic Paradise.

The Other Denmark

The Culture Trip.
kilometers of history in every single place.
The city sets its limits.

Shipwreck Beach: Digging up the past

Zakynthos: Shipwreck Beach.
Smuggling Ship.
Zakynthos and the Ionian Islands.
Photography Workshops.

Missing the “Hygge” effect

Almost 11 months Down Under the Down Under.
Living in a suitcase and taking pictures like a mean machine.
A few extra lines in my face that keep stories well hidden.
3500mts. in the middle of The Andes.

Scandinavian Paradise

Scandinavian Paradise.
“Revealing” a specific location.
Reasons why I became a photographer.
A few rules I try to stick to .

O’ Denmark, My Denmark!

Meet the Hygge lifestyle.
Low lands and flat as a flapjack.
A challenging place for photographers.
Denmark is more than just Copenhagen.